Villa C

A Harmonious Blend of Scenic Backdrops and Artistry

The design stands out for its sequence of varied scenic backdrops, meticulously crafted to subtly define the expansive open space of the living area, catering to the client’s specific requirements. These ever-changing backdrops evoke a sense of “pathos” in the observer, allowing for a gradual discovery of spaces as one ventures deeper, while maintaining a sense of fluidity and continuity.

The sophisticated furnishings are dynamic; they rotate, slide, and illuminate, often adorned with artistic pieces crafted by the client themselves. This was achieved through meticulous planning of mechanisms, intricate construction details, and consistent oversight during the execution phase.

The warmth of the fireplace, the entertainment of the TV, the joy of conversation, the conviviality of dining, and the creativity of the kitchen seamlessly blend and separate based on the user’s needs, all while preserving the openness of the spaces and their connection to the outdoors.

A consistent theme throughout the spaces is the use of natural materials. Precious marbles and stones, wood, and metals harmoniously integrate with the existing white marble flooring. This refined character extends to other areas of the home, including the bedrooms, study and relaxation areas, service areas, and private mini-spas.